FTTH network planning & FTTH network design software based on QGIS and FreeCAD

The European Digital Agenda, developed by the European Commission, assumes in its program, inter alia, a provision of access to high-speed Internet for the citizens of Europe. This imposed on individual Member States of the European Union an obligation to provide the access to broadband connection for every household by 2020. Owing to this initiative and financial support of the EU funds many local operators have received a chance to develop their network on which they will be able to provide new services.

Meeting the needs of telecommunication entrepreneurs, we offer a software that is designed to support their activities both at the stage of their FTTX / FTTH network planning, as well as during further works related to full preparation of investments, implementation and subsequent maintenance thereof.

Overall solutions consist of two products Geospatial Network Inventory and Ksavi Network Operations offering full features of a professional inventory system and network operation support services. Using free and open-source GIS (QGIS) and CAD (FreeCAD) software we developed a solution that while maintaining its functionality, will compete in price with other commercial products of this class.

Fully featured fiber design tool for telecom operators

Architektura GNI KNO

Geospatial Network Inventory

Based on the well-known free GIS and CAD platforms
Work in QGIS and FreeCAD environment
Additional modules complementing standard GIS and CAD with telecommunication functionality
Full inventory of telecommunication network
GPON / FTTX / FTTH network planning and design,
GPON / FTTX / FTTH lease management
Automation of network elements inventory
Minimization of large data amounts digitalisation time
Generation of project documentation

Geospatial Network Inventory FREE

Free solution brings work methods with the GNI system in the QGIS environment closer to the user
Use of GRASS to develop a FTTX / GPON network
Generation of cable routes and splice closures list
Generation address points assignment to splice closure serving areas

Ksavi Network Operations

Use of Geospatial Network Inventory system as the inventory platform
Network process management performed on the operator’s network
Standardized processes of investment preparation and quotation
Support for construction, development and maintenance of a network
Support for B2C and B2B service delivery processes
Full functionality of the Workforce Management system
Settlement of work, materials, subcontractors costs
Operational reporting and KPI indicators

Meet advantages of open-source based solution

Operational benefits

Work on geospatial outside plant network elements using a natural way of working with QGIS

Work on spatial inside plant network elements using a natural way of working with CAD

Ability to use address data, existing network elements and devices, road networks, backgrounds from publicly available systems

Ability to customize the platform to suit one’s own needs using publicly developed and available plugins

Business benefits

Lack of licence fees related to operating systems, database engines, GIS/CAD libraries

Financial security from the use of the system over a long period of time

Vendor lock-in independency and ability for system enhancement at one’s own

Wide access to forums, trainings, and professional companies providing support, maintenance and development of the QGIS platform