Fiber network design software for small and medium Telecom Operators

Small and medium operator solution

New challenges for local telecom operators

In the era of intensive fibre optic networks deployment, many local operators decide to expand their telecom networks with FTTx / GPON technology. For the most number of cases the EU funds offered within Operational Programs are used for this purpose.

Along with the construction of the telecom networks, a need of its continuous maintenance arises. Both the delivery of services (B2C and B2B), as well as maintenance operations on the fibre optic network require special equipment, skilled crew and appropriate storage facilities. Additionally, regulatory reporting aspect puts its requirements on data to be managed in operator’s inventory. This causes, that the whole project requires a higher level of management and coordination of works performed on the network where time to implement all the steps should be used optimally.

Fiber network design software for small and medium-sized telecom operators

To meet the above described challenges posed to the telecom operators, we have prepared fiber network design software that is designed to support their activities both at the investment planning stage, as well as during further works related to the preparation, implementation and subsequent maintenance thereof and the delivery of services.

The aim of our solution is to provide professional tools that already exist within large operators. However, we propose them in the model adjusted to small and medium-sized telecom operators. Therefore, one of the key objectives of the undertaking was to enable our software to easily integrate with systems used by operators and publicly available data. In this way, we have managed to develop a professional solution that at low cost provides the functionality required by the telecom industry and which is additionally characterized by:

Exploiting the potential of commonly used and recognized Open Source systems: QGIS and FreeCAD
Carefully chosen plugins and publicly open datasets bundled with dedicated TELCO components in one complete solution
The platform configurable and customizable on one’s own
Network Inventory system supplemented by process platform with cost calculation, workforce and network process features
A collection of standardized and simplified processes implemented on telecom networks

A solution based on Open Source software

Our products based on proven and widely used Open Source components have obtained many advantages which in the environment of small and medium-sized operators can be crucial when making the decision on selection of the necessary fiber network design software.

Work in commonly known and used GIS and CAD tools
Use of publicly available data (address database, the road networks, background maps)
Ability to customize a platform using publicly available plugins
Lack of licensing fees for the operating system, database engine, GIS/CAD libraries
Financial security from the use of the system over a long period of time
Independence from closed commercial products through the ability of extending and customizing of the system according to one’s own needs
Universal access to forums, trainings, and professional companies providing support, maintenance and development of the QGIS platform

We use Open Source components in the developed solution:

Linux Ubuntu/Debian operating system and graphical environment
GIS – qgis Platform (, PostGIS (
CAD – FreeCAD Platform (
Database – postgreSQL (
Platform for network analysis and spatial algorithms – GRASS (
Library for advanced calculations – Scipy (
Maps – OpenStreetMap (

A solution based on two systems

The presented solution offers fully-featured professional network inventory and network services support system. It does not require any additional licensing fees related to both the operating system (Linux), database engine and GIS/CAD libraries.

Architektura GNI KNO

The solution is based on a central database, the use of which can be started from single-site deployment and then expanded by subsequent users. The solution consists of two systems:

Geospatial Network Inventory – a system enabling full inventory of network infrastructure
Ksavi Network Operations – extension to inventory system enabling process support of network operations and enhancing the inventory with the full pricing features

A telecom operator receives a tool that by using modern technology allows network asset management in terms of inventory itself, as well as extended with the support of operations being performed on the network. A very large emphasis has been put in the automation of the operator’s work in order to minimize the time needed for precise digitising large amount of data and in consequence lowering operating costs of daily activities.

Network inventory in Geospatial Network Inventory

Geospatial Network Inventory (GNI) is a system for geospatial inventory of telecom resources. The solution provides a set of functionalities for the collection and processing of both operator’s own network assets as well as foreign operator’s infrastructure. The most important features of the system include:

Use of well-known free GIS (QGIS) and CAD (FreeCAD) platforms
Enhancement of Open Source platforms with additional telecom modules
A full outside plant and inside plant telecom network inventory
Support for planning, design, build and lease processes
Minimization of time spent on digitizing and inventory of large amounts of data
Generation of project documentation
A separate dedicated free distribution of Geospatial Network Inventory FREE for FTTx planning

A full description of the product can be found on the Geospatial Network Inventory and Geospatial Network Inventory FREE web pages.

Network processes support in Ksavi Network Operations

Ksavi Network Operations is a supplement to the Geospatial Network Inventory system in terms of process management of daily activities performed on the network. From planning and design through construction to maintenance and delivery of services, the system supports an enterprise by streamlining processes and automating the work carried out on the individual network elements. The most important features of the product include:

Use of Geospatial Network Inventory system as the inventory platform
Standardised and predefined set of processes performed on the network
Support for planning, preparation and implementation of investments
Support for network maintenance and delivery of B2C and B2B services
Asset management
Workforce management
Settlement of investment, labour, materials, subcontractors costs
Operational reporting and KPI indicators

A full description of the functionalities can be found on the Ksavi Network Operations product webpage.


A short presentation on how to prepare FTTH / GPON network conceptual design in QGIS using accessible public data.

Geospatial Network Inventory

FTTH Network deployment in city modelled in GNI system

Available software versions

Geospatial Network Inventory as the solution for Small and Medium Telecom Operators is available in several versions:

Single-site version – intended for a single user and installed on a one computer
Multiple user distribution – installed with a central database server to which all GNI named users connect
Hosting in cloud environment (SaaS)– software shared in cloud with separated individual data space for each operator. This option gives high performance of use, maintenance-free software updates and great capabilities of support from our experts.

Ksavi Network Operations, supplementing the Geospatial Network Inventory is available only in the multiuser version both in the on-premise deployment and in the Software as a Service model.

If you are interested in more detailed information about our solutions, please contact us.