Fiber optic network planning and design

FTTH / FTTX / GPON network planning and design

High level FTTx network concept

In connection with the European Digital Agenda, European Commission prepared set of directives to fulfil its requirements. Many telecom operators take part in the announced competitions being conducted under domestic Operational Programmes. Part of the entities have already acquired, and some just now try to obtain financial support from the EU funds for the construction of NGA fibre optic network in so-called “white spots” areas.

Meeting the needs of telecommunication entrepreneurs, we have prepared software that is designed to support their activities both at the stage of their competition application submission, as well as during further works related to the preparation of investments, implementation and subsequent maintenance thereof.

Geospatial Network Inventory

The offered solution consists of several products, which integrated with each other give the operator full support in the management of network infrastructure. This solution supports FTTx network planning, design and build process. Recipients on this solution are enterprise on: general contractors, project offices, ISP, telecoms. Focusing first on the FTTx network planning stage in terms of the offered software, we propose the use of Geospatial Network Inventory (GNI) product in its free version (GNI FREE). For the next stages of FTTx network planning, design and build we offers GNI Design Studio.

Geospatial Network Inventory (GNI) is a system of geospatial telecom resource inventory. It is designed for operators who construct, develop and maintain their network infrastructure. The application architecture is based on the QGIS geospatial platform. Due to the fully-featured GIS interface and using its huge functional potential, we have created a product fully meeting the requirements of a modern telecom operator. Based on the analysis of European Digital Agenda requirements and FTTH Council guidelines GNI (Geospatial Network Inventory) distribution was created which is intended to support this project. Free version functionality scope helps network operators, planners and designers in preparation of FTTH network high-level technical concept including:

Clustering of single demand points set
Conceptual map of FTTx network
Preparation of cost distribution data between address points and network nodes

GNI Design Studio commercial licence system extends the functionality scope among others with:

Automatic creation of network inventory based on the selected concept of the planned network
Full inventory of network (civil infrastructure, splices, central office equipment, floorplan, space and surface management)
Toolbox to prepare FTTx construction pack (as printable documents), including:
  Base map, for civil infrastructure
  Work task for designed assets located on Base map
  FTTH cable layout on Base map
  Splice closures and cable slacks layout on Base map with GPS coordinates
  Splicing schema for cable layout.
  Rackdraw and floorplan for Central Office and MDU Buildings
  BoM (Bill of Materials) for designed area including materials and services
  Serving Area report for designed area
  PON power budget as loss reports for designed cables
  Duct segment report for designed cable layout
Investment implementation and supervision
Infrastructure construction and maintenance

FTTx related scope of support

A detailed description of the use of free and commercial version of Geospatial Network Inventory is presented in the following table.

Functional features Requirements Available in the product
Inventory of cable modelsm Standard QGIS version GNI FREE
Creating cable routes layer Standard QGIS version + linear layer (e.g. OpenStreet) + QGIS plugins GNI FREE
Work organized in ‘work orders’ QGIS plugins GNI FREE
Clustering of demand data QGIS plugins GNI FREE
Proposed cabling and splice closure distribution FTTH network planning algorithms GNI FREE
Cable profile and model selection FTTH network planning algorithms GNI FREE
Versioning of planned network concepts Standard QGIS version + FTTH network planning algorithms GNI FREE
List of cables and splice closures for the developed network concept QGIS plugins GNI FREE
List of address points assigned to respective cables QGIS plugins GNI FREE
Address point’s share in FTTH path cost QGIS plugins GNI FREE
Exporting cable routes and splice closures to SHP file Standard QGIS version GNI FREE
Automatic generation of list of activities related to construction of individual network segments Resource and service catalog inventory GNI Design Studio
List of materials and activities costs related to planned network deployment Resource and service catalog inventory GNI Design Studio
Cost estimation based on cabling technology Resource and service catalog inventory GNI Design Studio
Business area Primary functional elements Available in the product
Network inventory Civil infrastructure, cables, splice closures, central office equipment, devices, cards, ports, splices, connections, floor plan, space colocation, fibre distribution schema, attenuation balance GNI
FTTx network design and build FTTx construction pack including: duct layout on base map, cable layout, splicing diagram, Rackdraw, BoM, serving area, PON power budget GNI Design Studio
Support for network processes Network expansion, failure management, network maintenance, customer installations, leases GNI Design Studio
Support for sales processes Free/available fibres in a specified optical relation, free resources, technical feasibility checks GNI Design Studio

Results of use

Cabling of one municipality with an average number of address points is performed in 5 to 10 minutes on a computer with standard hardware parameters. In case of carrying out the whole process, the following products are obtained:

Proposal of address (single demand) point grouping into demand aggregates
Calculated profile and length of distribution cable
Cable routes with OLT location and placement of splice closures
Classification of splice closures into end and junction nodes
Map of proposed network topology in SHP format
Map of address points covered by the investment in SHP format
Selected cable model based on its profile and cabling technology

Results lists:

List of cables along with their length and chosen profile
List of splice closures along with their capacity
List of address points covered by the investment with the assignment to the splice closure (serving areas)
Cable paths splited into segments with the percentage share

GNI Design Studio products (printable document):

Base map including:
  Civil infrastructure (buildings, roads, duct network, manholes, poles, cabinets, meter walls,CO)
  Map styling including different line styles, point object symbols
  Identified critical design work task
  Cable layout on civil infrastructure (all cables)
  Cable termination nodes (CO, Splice Closures, Fiber Distribution Hubs, Access Points)
  Cable styling
Splice diagram as Aggregate schema
RackDraw for switching area
Excel report for each chosen optical track
BoM for WorkContext including Materials, Accesories, Services, Quantities basing on provided list of
storage indices
Serving area report containing assignment of AddressPoint to serving node
Duct segment report containing list of duct network segments on cable route
GPS coordinates placed in every identified designed work task


A short presentation on how to prepare FTTH/GPON network conceptual design in QGIS using accessible public data.

Geospatial Network Inventory

Using QGIS for FTTH/GPON network planning due to the implementation European Digital Agenda

FTTH network conceptual design for Polish implementation of European Digital Agenda

Geospatial Network Inventory

FTTH Network deployment in city modelled in GNI system

Using QGIS for FTTH/GPON network planning due to the implementation European Digital Agenda

A link to QGIS website with FTTH network planning case study

Download GNI FREE version

The version of Geospatial Network Inventory in the distribution supporting the planning of FTTx/GPON network is available in several variants:

Download the GNI FREE. version through the link sent by e-mail. Go to the form to specify your e-mail address to send the appropriate link
Use of GNI FREE Cloud environment shared by remote desktop. This option gives high performance of use, maintenance-free software updates and great capabilities of support from our experts if you encounter problems while working with the software.

If you are interested in a commercial version, please o contact us.