Ksavi network operations
Fiber optic network management

Support for network processes

The network maintenance is an indispensable element of the telecommunication business, absorbing a significant portion of the operational expenditures of the operator. Therefore, the construction of appropriate network process management practices has become an important aspect of the analysis and optimization of the costs incurred by companies.

The network inventory system itself is insufficient to properly manage network operations. However, it constitutes a basis for the another system which by operating on network resources organises the work of a personnel on the owned network infrastructure. Ksavi Network Operations is a supplement to the Geospatial Network Inventory system in terms of network process management. From planning and design through construction to maintenance and delivery of services, the system supports an operator by streamlining processes and automating the work carried out on the network elements. In each of these processes supporting functional elements are used: customer and order management, preparation of cost estimates, workforce management, asset management, billing and reporting.

Architektura GNI KNO

The picture above presents the model of interaction between Ksavi Network Operations and Geospatial Network Inventory. The list of the core processes supported by this solution along with a brief description is located in following sections.

Supported network processes

Project planning

Each network rollout begins with the planning phase, which aim is to outline the general guidelines for the implementation of the investment. Within the realisation of those processes Ksavi Network Operations provides support for:

investment work order workflow – registration and management of investment planning process for the selected customer and network area
Technical concept – preparation of conceptual design of the planned network investment on the basis of a Geospatial Network Inventory system
Cost estimations – enrichment of the technical concept with a quantities and price lists of materials and services using the asset management module
Documentation – generation and storage of documents describing the planned investment (cost estimations, geospatial network rollout map, address points covered)

Project preparation and network design

Investment preparation stage details the previously elaborated network investment plan. In this regard, the most important features of the Ksavi Network Operations include:

Network design – detailed network project design using the Geospatial Network Inventory system both in outside and inside plant part of network. One of the project elements is calculation of the attenuation balance on a specified fibre path.
Inventory of network elements – designed resources automatically become an inventory of the network infrastructure and are ready to be used in subsequent operations.
Detailed cost estimation – use of the asset management module to automate the performance of a detailed cost estimation report and to adds to the developed project a list of expenses that will be incurred during the investment realisation.
Framework agreements – the possibility to introduce framework agreements with suppliers of materials and services which are used while preparing cost estimates.
Lease of infrastructure – an inventory of lease contracts associated with the leased network elements. Additional tasks within the process of the investment preparation related to the acquiring of technical specifications and conditions for the lease of the network infrastructure.
Consents – management of tasks for obtaining consents associated with the planned construction of the infrastructure
Documentation – generation of project and executive documentation elements (i.e. cable routes, material and cost list, optical fibre splicing schematics, technical drawings of installed cabinets etc.)

Project realisation

Approved project is the starting point to begin a process of implementation of the investment. Ksavi Network Operations using Geospatial Network Inventory offers support in the scope with:

Network construction – network building process supported by the set of individual tasks performed by particular realisation units. Additional tasks of acceptances and measurements complement the full set of activities that must be performed during the implementation and handoff of investment
Workforce management – preparation of a detailed realisation schedule, dispatching and field works coordination of the of employees, specialised equipment and subcontractors
Settlements – cost accounting in the L+M+T (labour + materials + transport) format. Based on the collected data a settlement of investment costs takes place with the possibility to extract the expenditures on individual performing units (including subcontractors)
Resource repositories – asset management of materials and services carried out on the basis of the asset management documents. Creation of any number of resource repositories, as well as import and export of resources

Network maintenance

Built network requires guarantee of its stability and high performance. Ksavi Network Operations provides processes and tools supporting the maintenance of the network infrastructure. The most important elements of the system include:

Troubleshooting – predefined processes of failure and faults handling, disposition of fixing tasks to best chosen field teams.
SLA support – support for agreements with SLA requirements, monitoring of the time remaining to the end of intervention.
Network optimisation and extension – support of a system in a similar way as for investment processes – the use of cost estimation features, network construction, inventory changes, generation of documentation and realisation and acceptance management.
Planned works – registration of orders scheduled to be performed in the future, recurring orders of service inspections generated automatically by the system.
Asset management – repositories of spare parts, flow control through inventory documents, import into and export from the system
Documentation – storing history of measurement results, order fulfilment documents including instructions for: blowing of cable, splicing, connecting ports, installation of cards and devices.

Service delivery

Ksavi Network Operations supports service delivery systems in the scope of service preparation at the physical level of network:

Feasibility study – a predefined feasibility study process supported by dedicated algorithms for the network analysis providing information about technical possibilities to connect a customer and provide him the service.
B2B and B2C support – predefined and standardised processes for the delivery of services for B2B and B2C market.
Service installation quotation – creation of service in Geospatial Network Inventory system with a detailed project cost estimation including identification of the needed network elements and infrastructure elements to lease.
Installation documentation – generation of documentation constituting an instruction for order fulfilment involving splicing, connecting ports, cards and device installatiins.


A critical aspect of any network inventory and operations support system is the cross-sectional review of the network state. Ksavi Network Operations provides a reporting module that allows you to define:

Lists of orders and operations performed within the system
Operational reports
KPI indicators monitors
Reports fulfilling regulatory authority requirements