Knowing that training is not a mandatory activity to start using KSAVI Workforce, it is still a critical element of business readiness process. Thus, we still recommend to use at least our set of training materials which consist of manual documents and training videos. Apart from standard materials we can create tutorials, guides and instructions tailored for chosen group of users like dispatchers, field workers or business administrators.

In case aforementioned offline materials are not sufficient for customer we offer dedicated training services. Starting from identification of customer user groups we prepare a well-defined trainings scope and choose the best suited materials to provide the most efficient training.

For customer convenience, each training takes place remotely on web based manner, so it is very flexible from which location participants connect. For customer convenience, each training is web-based and remotely accessible and therefore participans can connect no matter their location. As per special customer requests, we offer on-site trainings.

As an additional facility to general training courses we offer a test platform to check the effectiveness of a training and knowledge gained by participants..